Social support package

There’s nothing worse as an avid social media user than searching Twitter or Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram for your company, to then find the your profile picture is still an egg, or the last post was sent well over 6 months ago! If you’ve signed up to social – great! You recognise the benefits. We understand it can often leaving you struggling to find the resource to keep it up to date though, and once you’re there, you’ve got to keep it up.

If time to manage your social media accounts is a problem then this is the package for you. Hire us and we will post meaningful, informative and relevant content in a timely fashion and on a regular basis. We will actively monitor mentions of your brand, respond to questions and feedback and join in relevant on-line conversations. We will work to understand your business and your customers so we can ensure your brand is reflected and enhanced effectively. Each month we will provide a report on the effectiveness of our activity; how has your fan base grown, what content was most popular, brand sentiment, click throughs to your website and advertisement success (if applicable)

This is also the option to choose if you or you’re team are going on holiday and you’d like to make sure things keep moving.

Minimum contract term : 3  months (unless holiday cover)