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Twitter Tips at The Salisbury Big Business Event

The Social Media Generation

As a millennial, I am a product of the social media generation. I’m surrounded by peers who Tweet, Snapchat and Insta their every move. However, I am a complete novice to Twitter. Specifically, how Twitter can be used to maximize brand awareness, engagement with customers and even generate profit for a businesses.  But, as I’ve recently learnt, Twitter is one of the most important platforms to utilise for personal contact with your customers… Only when it’s done right!

Salisbury Big Business Event

I attended the Salisbury Big Business Event yesterday as a social media intern for Naturally Social.  Salisbury BBE is in its 6th year and offers a range of business seminars and workshops, from Snapchat to Cybercrime. There is something every business can benefit from.  A seminar I was most intrigued about was ‘How to use Twitter to engage with you business’. I understand Twitter, but I wanted to know more about how to create and maintain a good business account.


Introtweet were hosting the workshop. The first and arguably most important point that they made was that you have to engage to get engagement! If you’re sat in front of a screen wondering why you haven’t had a mention in over a week, then you need to get tweeting. But before you can start to engage, you have to have an audience to work with and it’s imperative to target the right people. The search option on twitter lets you find appropriate businesses and potential customers. This means that when you’re engaging, your information is reaching your demographic. If you put an ad in the paper, it could be seen by hundreds of people, but not one them meets your criteria. However, with Twitter you build your own audience by deciding the most important accounts to follow.

Twitter Tips

How, what and when are three components that are going to make your tweets stand out. Always, where possible, include a hashtag. With hashtags, it’s quality over quantity. You don’t need 6 #’s at the end of your tweet taking up those valuable characters. Make a statement you think is going to be relevant and important to your audience and add a # at the end. This makes it clickable and interactive. You can then see everybody else who’s tweeting using the same # and get engaged. Another place for them is in your bio, this will make your profile searchable. So include relevant hashtags to your business.

Be social!

Replying to tweets is what will make your audience feel valued and want to tweet again. Twitter is an instant and live platform so people don’t want to wait. If someone asks you a question don’t leave it a day to reply as another business could beat you to it. You should aim to reply to people within an hour.

Network on Twitter

Another great place to network and promote your business on Twitter is by using local business hours. For example, #SwindonHour is every Thursday from 8pm to 9pm. Local businesses tweet their news, events or just have a chat. Either way, it’s a great place to increase your followers and get your name out there.

Tag people

To make sure your tweets reach the maximum audience potential you should be tagging accounts within the tweet.  This is going to increase the chance of them re-tweeting you, which means you’ll be reaching their audience too. A new feature introduced to Twitter two months ago allows users to tag accounts in images. You can tag up to 10 accounts and it won’t eat into your character count.  Not only are images more eye-catching and likely to get a response, but you have the potential to reach far more people with this new tool.

Be human

Finally, it’s important to keep your spontaneity and impulsiveness when tweeting. Be funny and creative, use the trending stories on the left hand side and hashtag National days that could be relevant to your company. You want people to see your personality, not just your business. This is going to make you more personable and not just another Twitter account that’s trying to sell something.  You should aim for a varied range of behind the scenes personal content, industry news, relevant articles and information on your business and promotions.  It’s worth putting in the time to have a strategy every week so you’re using every tweet to its full potential. Remember, stay engaged and keep tweeting, because that’s what will make your Twitter page a success!

Lily Thorne

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