Facebook ‘Closer Together’

Earlier in the year Facebook announced some changes to their algorithm – the factors which determine what posts we see in our news feed when we open up the app or log in on our laptops or tablets.

It’s fantastic that so many businesses (millions in fact) use Facebook to market what they do, connect with their customers and sell their products or services. For many small businesses across the globe Facebook has replaced the need for a website and allows them to run a business full stop!

However, Facebook has always been about connecting people – friends and families – and creating an environment that supports and encourages meaningful interaction. Over the years, naturally this focus has drifted (or perhaps became less noticeable) as a result of it’s growth but they’re now noticing that individuals are scrolling through what they see in a passive manner and this actually has an impact on people’s sense of wellbeing.

Over recent years the community has also fed back that they don’t like being sold too by businesses and brands on Facebook, so it’s unsurprising that they are really starting to re-focus on the community side of their network, connecting people and prioritising content that will be more insightful, more beneficial and more meaningful to the user. Here’s a cool video that will explain this in a bit more length.

For me, this is a great thing! This is Facebook reflecting on what they wanted to be and what it’s perhaps becoming. Ultimately they want their users to spend more time on the platform of course, but like any good business, they want to make sure that experience is a positive one, and when you sit within a company that connects 1.86 billion people across the globe, you have to take responsibility for what that looks like.

Ok, what does that mean for page owners then? (businesses, organisations, public figures etc)

In short in means you’re going to have to work harder to get your content seen. More than ever you really need consider what you’re saying and when you’re saying it. Again – this is a positive thing. Gone will be the days when people are just publishing for the sake of it ‘Happy Friday’ ‘Happy Monday’ etc and gone will be the days when people think that posting every day, perhaps multiple times a day is necessary. (By the way, this has never been a winning tactic!)

Or perhaps I should say gone are the days that we’ll have to scroll past all these posts because moving forward, we just won’t see them in the news feed, and that’s not good for businesses. (If your content isn’t seen or engaged with Facebook will take note!)

So, what is going to work?

  • Value based content – something that is helpful to your audience.
  • Entertaining content – something that will make your audience smile.
  • Inspirational content – something that will make your audience feel motivated.

Oh and if you haven’t had the memo yet…video isn’t going away. Annnd neither is live (sorry!) So once you’ve brainstormed some ideas that fit into the topics above, have a think about how you portray that through video. Be brave. 🙂

If you don’t have a strategy in place for your social media, I’d really encourage you to come along to our next workshop on the 22nd February in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. It’s a half day workshop that will walk you through the steps to creating a successful social media strategy for your business or organisation. You’ll begin to understand what will work in 2018, where your custome


rs are and how you should be talking to them. (Invoices available at request if you don’t want to pay direct to eventbrite)

I hope to see you there, in the mean time – stay social.

Nat x

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