Q&A with Social Media Intern, Will Hughes

What is your name and where do you come from?

My name is Will Hughes, I’mIMG_2738 originally from Rutland in the East Midlands but am in the process of moving to Bristol after living in Bath for two years.

What and where do you study?

I have just graduated with a First-Class honours degree in Fine Art from Bath Spa University.

What attracted you to the internship at Naturally Social?

I have always been interested in social media and its something I have wanted to progress with. At interview it seemed to be such a positive and friendly small team and a three-month internship was perfect for me. I also felt that my personal skills led well into the role and I could bring a creative side into the mix.

What was your first experience of social media and on what platform?

My first experience of social media was Bebo when I was 13.

What are the changes you have noticed ‘growing up’ with social media?

Facebook has always been there and has just grown and grown. I have also watched the YouTube generation grow hugely and this is something that I am part of. I take a lot of my inspiration for my art from music videos.

How do you use social media to get to know the area where you live?

I use Facebook to look at restaurant reviews mostly.

What do you use social media for?

I use social media for promoting my artwork and building my brand. I also use it for socialising with friends, keeping up with celebrity culture and fashion.

What is your favourite platform?

My favourite platform is absolutely Instagram, its so visual and there is more of a mix of people on there. There are many communities within Instagram and it is easy to find people like yourself using hashtags. It is a place not only for fabulous visuals but also a place to build happiness rather than negativity.

Who is your favourite person on Social Media and why?

I follow lots of fashion industry folk and love Donatella Versace. I like Nick Knight the Fashion photographer who does interviews and breakdowns of fashion campaigns. Also, I really enjoy a fellow artist and designer called Straight but Curious based in Newcastle.

Give us an example of a social media campaign that you thought worked really well

The most recent Polaroid Original campaign. It was really interactive and using something as simple as an ice cream van and getting the public to upload polaroids of themselves eating the said ice-cream was a huge success.

What have you learnt so far as a ‘Social Media Intern’

I have only been here three days but already I have learnt that video is so massive on social media. It’s the most engaging and can be achieved with relatively low budget.

How are young people using social to communicate? Time, frequency, type of content?

I think young people use it every minute of the day. Before you go to bed you check what’s happening, the first thing you do when you wake up you also check social media, as well throughout the day regularly.  People that use Instagram are using the stories to quickly engage with their audience, also the comments are private as they are sent as direct messages to the ‘Storyteller.’ People do tend to try and make their lives look as amazing as possible visually, but this could be masking what’s going on in their real life, so we want to know the person behind the social media screen, which is where things like the direct message function and Facebook Messenger help.

I also think people use it a bit too much and we need to learn to live in the real world again as well as fulfilling the digital obligations we feel we have.

What advice do you have for businesses looking to connect with your age group?

Video content with captions on the screen. People often scroll through social media quietly and don’t always watch video with sound. Sponsored content always catches my eye too. Influencers are also being sponsored now by big brands on social – its massive on YouTube but by the person and the brand endorsing each other it makes me want to buy the product more.

What is your initial perception of business use of social?

That it is a vast field – much bigger than I thought it was. The whole scope of it, the content generation, cross promotion on different platforms and the most slick and simple of campaigns will have taken the most time to create.

Any other interesting facts about yourself you’d like to share?

I have recently won the Kenneth Armitage Foundation Graduate prize for 2018 and I also won the Spike Island Fellowship 2018. It was a good week! 😊



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