Monthly Intern Blog: April

April has been another busy month at Naturally Social! This month we became a Limited company and found out that we’re finalists in The Techies awards!

This month I’ve been doing a lot of work around the office; continuing to write social media strategies for clients, conducting client hashtag research and analysing email marketing campaigns to identify what’s going well and what can be done to improve even further.

Writing a social media strategy is the foundation for a business’ effective social media presence and therefore takes a lot of time to research, generate content ideas and revise. Writing an in-depth strategy involves considering the business objectives and goals that a client has and finding an approach that will help to achieve these goals on various social channels. It’s important to consider what’s already being done, what could be changed or improved slightly and extra tactics that could generate brand awareness or increase engagement. This is something that I really enjoy because it involves not only understanding what a client’s business does currently, but it also considers their goals for the future with where they want their business to be and how we can help them with this.

Hashtag research is something that often helps to inform a social media strategy and is another thing that I’ve been working on this month. Using hashtags is something that makes content more likely to be discovered by a desired audience on social media. People can search for specific hashtags and all the content that has been posted using that hashtag is collated in one place. It’s important to know what channels to use hashtags on (some are more effective than others) and what hashtags users are engaging with. For example, Instagram and Twitter are good channels to use hashtags because they are being searched frequently on those platforms. However, while hashtags are available to use on Facebook, it is a much less effective platform to use them on because people don’t often search for them.

Different hashtags can be generated for different purposes, for example, industry hashtags can be used to target people looking for a specific service or product and location hashtags can make content discoverable to people in a certain area. My tip would be to pay close attention to how many posts there are under the hashtags you search and how often people are posting content using certain hashtags. It’s easy to fall into the trap of posting content under a popular hashtag, thinking that your post will get more visibility. However, realistically, it’s unlikely that many people will see your post because these hashtags are over-saturated with content. The same goes for hashtags where content is being posted very frequently (100+ posts per hour); your desired audience is unlikely to see what you’re posting. The best thing that you can do is find some middle ground – you want to employ hashtags that are used enough to be searched by your desired client, but not so much that your content is going to get lost within all the other posts.

Another form of marketing that I’ve become more familiar with this month is email marketing. In the previous months, I have had practice in sending out the monthly newsletter for Naturally Social, but this month I got some more experience of how to deliver an effective email marketing campaign. I learnt a lot more about how to measure success rates in a campaign by analysing a client’s email marketing data, identifying successful tactics that can be replicated and what could be implemented to further improve their strategy in the future.

Towards the end of the month, I was also able to sit in on a meeting that Natalie had with a designer to discuss plans for Naturally Social’s new branding. It was great to be able to see the different stages of the design process, how it progressed and what the vision is for Naturally Social going forward.

I will continue to keep you updated about what’s going on – next month we have two awards evenings, so I’m sure it will be just as busy!

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