We are a Wiltshire based social media business dedicated to working with individuals, organisations and businesses to help them make sense of social media. We specialise in social media management, mentoring and training workshops and are passionate about how building on-line relationships and communities can build your business and improve your reputation.

Commercial Portraits of Natalie Luckham taken at The Enterprise Network, White Horse Business Park, BA14 0NX, and at Southwick Park, Trowbridge, Wiltshire. Naturally Social, a business that advices on social media and teaches techniques with Snapchat, Twitter, Faebook and Linked In.

Naturally Social was founded by Natalie Luckham in 2015. Natalie is an experienced social media manager with 8 years experience working in local government. You’ll always see her with her smart phone in hand as she stays up to date with trends and connects with friends. She set up Naturally Social with the aim of sharing her passion, experience and knowledge of digital communications with others. “So many people are doing social badly because they forget the core fundamentals of why social media developed and  how it is being used. Lose the hard sell and remember – people buy from people…”