Naturally Social is an agency with a difference. We provide a social-first approach to communications, fit for the digital age. We’re a team of communicators, not automators, and we’re passionate about people. Conversation and creativity drives the way we work. We engage and we inspire action.

We work with a variety of industries and business sizes but we have a deep love for businesses driven by purpose, not just profit. The opportunities of using social media are vast, exciting and endless. But sadly, too often, time, expertise and budgets mean messaging will often miss the mark.

We offer levels of comms support from social media management, 1:1 mentoring and public courses to a full service communications team; offering a team of experts to work as part of your business as and when you need them.

Commercial Portraits of Natalie Luckham taken at The Enterprise Network, White Horse Business Park, BA14 0NX, and at Southwick Park, Trowbridge, Wiltshire. Naturally Social, a business that advices on social media and teaches techniques with Snapchat, Twitter, Faebook and Linked In.jpg

Done well, social media can inspire.

Done well, social media can motivate.

Done well, social media can drive change….

If you want to know more, we’d love to work with you.

Naturally Social was founded by Natalie Sherman (nee Luckham) in July 2015. An experienced social media manager with a background in local government she decided to take her skill and passion to support others in the ever changing landscape of social media.

Our focus is on community, communication and creativity..