No one knows you or your brand better than you do and we believe in giving you the right skills and knowledge to manage your own social media with confidence. We also understand that this isn’t always possible due to varying factors and that’s why we offer three levels of account management and will work in, where desired, a phased handover which incorporates training, so that what starts with us ends with you.


Social start-up package

If you’re comfortable and ready to manage your own social presence but can’t find the time to simply set them up and get them started then let us take that task off your hands. We’ll populate all the relevant, descriptive information and pictures, include your website links, contact details and post your first update* Cost: … Continue reading Social start-up package

Social support package

There’s nothing worse as an avid social media user than searching Twitter or Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram for your company, to then find the your profile picture is still an egg, or the last post was sent well over 6 months ago! If you’ve signed up to social – great! You recognise the benefits. We … Continue reading Social support package

Naturally Social package

Serious about being on social and doing it well? Don’t have the resources or skills in-house? Having us as a retained social media agency will give you the confidence and assurance that you’re not simply going to ‘be on social’  but you’re always going to be ahead of the game. We’ll maintain all your social … Continue reading Naturally Social package