Naturally Social package

Serious about being on social and doing it well? Don’t have the resources or skills in-house? Having us as a retained communications and social media agency will give you the confidence and assurance that you’re not simply going to ‘be on social’  but you’re always going to be ahead of the game. We’ll maintain all your social accounts and we’ll get you to a point where you’re being held up as an exemplar.

We’ll already have done the research and testing for you when new sites pop up too, so when Monday morning comes along you won’t even need to ask. This means we’ll always be recommending and strategising about new ways for your social media portfolio to grow and develop with the aim of making sure your on-line brand reflects you and the work you do and that you establish more meaningful engagement with your customers. The return on investment? Greater trust, greater peer to peer mentions and greater customer loyalty. That could just be the start…

Minimum contract term: 6 months